How to check in to a service call
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Once you've arrived on site to start a service call, you should use the OpenWrench Service Management mobile app to check in. This will let client know that you're on site and start keeping track of your time on site.

It's really easy to do. Simply navigate to the work order detail screen and click the big purple Check In button.

In order to check in, you'll need to be at the actual location specified in the work order. When you do this for the first time, your phone will first ask you to give the app permission to use your location data. Click allow always to proceed.

If you aren't you'll get an error screen showing the location where the problem was reported, how close you'll need to be to check in, and where you're currently located according to your device's GPS. Your current location might not show up if you're too far away -- you can pinch the map to zoom out if you're not sure where you are.

If the site location appears wrong, contact OpenWrench support and we'll help straighten things out.

Once you've successfully checked in, your screen will navigate over to the service call tab of the work order detail page where you can add before parts, notes for the customer, file attachments, and parts and equipment used to perform the work.

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