How to schedule a service call
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Once you've accepted a work order, you'll be able to schedule a service call to let the client know approximately when you'll arrive to provide service. You can schedule this from either the OpenWrench Service Management web app or the mobile app on iOS or Android.

To schedule a service call from the web app, find the work order and click Schedule Service Call. Select a date and time for service.

If you've loaded your individual service technicians and your stock locations, you can also add a lead technician (whose name will be shown in the client application) and one or more supporting technicians as well as stock locations (e.g. trucks) whose parts and equipment will be available for use by technicians making the service call.

From the mobile app, the process is simpler.

Simply navigate to the Work Order detail page and click the Schedule Work Order button.

On mobile, you will not be able to assign field technicians or stock locations to the service call.

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